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Payment arrangements available with approved co-signers.


We've been serving Oklahomans across the state with quick and easy bonding services since 2011. 

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* We accept cash, cashier check, wire transfer, Cashapp, Apple Pay and Zelle for reliable, quick and easy bonding.

  • How Can I Pay for Someone's Bail Online?
    Looking to help your loved one, but you're not near? No problem! 100% Bail Bonds allows you to free your incarcerated loved one without ever leaving your home. All you need is employment information for the defendant and co-signer, a payment and signatures for us to get the process started. You will need the following to bail someone out electronically in Oklahoma: Full Name of the Defendant Defendant’s Birthdate Information about the employer and the co-signer Email Address Payee Address Payee Mobile Number Three references
  • How long will it take for the bond to be posted?
    We will get in touch with the jail where your loved one is being kept and post the bail after all paperwork is signed and the money has been deposited. It will normally takes 2–10 hours after the bail is posted for someone to be freed from custody.
  • What are 100% Bail Bonds hours of operation?
    We are open and ready to help you during your tough time 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year. That includes weekends and holidays. Just give us a call!
  • What charges are bondable?
    Bail bonds may be purchased online for all of the following: Criminal Punishment Traffic citations Orders for Arrest Incidents of domestic violence Incidents connected to DUI Assault and Battery Sex Crimes Murder Robbery Arson Kidnapping Trespassing And more! Online bail bonds are not an option for some offenses in Oklahoma, such as immigration or federal prosecutions. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.
  • How much does bail bonds cost?
    Most bail bonds in Oklahoma have a bond premium of only about 10% of the total bond amount.
  • What if I am a co-signer for a bond in Oklahoma City and want to rid myself of liability for the bond posted?
    We encourage everyone to know what you are signing before agreeing to get onto a bond with someone. After you sign the bond documents, you are the responsible for the full bond amount and all associated costs regardless of the relationship changes. Our bondsman reserves the right to disagree to let you off the bond. This decision could require associated fees.
  • Why does the Oklahoma County Jail say that no bail has ever posted for my loved one?
    The workers at the Oklahoma County Jail often do not realize that a bail bondsman in Oklahoma City has already posted the bail bonds in Oklahoma City. Once we notify you that the bond has been posted, please be patient and allow us to keep you updated.
  • What happens if I don't pay my bail bond?
    You and your co-signers could be sued. Not only will it be harder to get bail bonds in the future, but the defendant could face additional criminal charges and fees.
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